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Early Goal Sink Hooligans in Week 3

The Hooligans were back in action this past Friday in Hendersonville, TN. They went up vs league leaders Beaman United FC. This was going to be the toughest match for the Hooligans this season. The boys were up for the challenge.

The game started and just 4 minutes into the first half Beaman jumped on a rebound and scored. This was not the start that the Hooligans were looking for. “We were disappointed to concede early but mentally reset to play well against a top side” said Coach Andy Donohue.

These mental resets are something that the Hooligans have talked about from the first practice. Goals and mistakes are going to happen but how you respond is most important.

Those mental resets were not enough as the Hooligans conceded again just 15 minutes later from a wonderful bicycle kick goal. After this is when the Hooligans would get the mentally reset and start to find their feet. Even after a terrible collision that left both the Beaman GK and Hooligan Forward Braiden Acton seeing stars. Both players would go to the hospital for their injuries to their heads.